Custom designed control interfaces

Adl services maintain fast and secured electrical automation services, hence our entire management team retains comprehensive management as great deal interaction and heavy requisite usage takes place on a daily basis. Fulfilling the administrative duties signify that the privileges are assigned to each and every serviceman and through them to the users. It is done for everyone to act as applicable moderators in the context of content management and monitoring and controlling of the site as well as the site operation.

Designed for the clientele specifications, the administrative interfaces of Adl Building Services are inclusive of a browser which is based on the panel maintained under the supervision of a super administrator handling the overall charge of the complete site as well as its operations.

A dedicated custom designed control interface dealing with the administrative control is included under the solutions pertaining to website solutions, which ensures easy maintenance of the site’s general operations.

A strong administrative custom designed control interface is typically conferred with vital functions in order to enable a capable competent administrator to fulfill the duties –

»    Monitoring IP addresses to access the site comfortably

»    Gathering site statistics for analysis and application

»    Determining the site access permissions

»    Proficient management of the content control privileges

»    Sending and receiving site emails and keeping the record for further usage

»    Checking on the errors and making the rectification and operational diagnostics

»    Effective management of the marketing and professional mail shots

»    Management of the email address and member database