Testing and Tagging

Longer years of experience in the field of electrical testing and tagging have made us the pioneers in the electrical industry, so Adl Building Services exist to take care of the like needs and satisfy the clients accordingly. The electrical appliances are tested by the electrician workforce to detect the faults and dangers with the help of the hygienic and updated equipment which are totally safe and danger resistant from the electrical faults.

The followed process of testing and tagging the electrical appliance:

To determine the integrity of the electrical appliances, the electricians subject each and every asset to the allocated standard testing. Making use of our upgraded portable appliance tested, our technicians carry out the below-mentioned testing procedures:

  • Test for continuity
  • Physical inspection
  • Testing of the functionality
  • Testing the insulation
  • Leakage and run test
  • Test of the Earth Circuit
  • Testing the polarity wire
  • Checking the supply chords
  • Checking the defects on the connectors
  • Visual Inspections according to AS 3760
  • Thoroughly checking for the evident external damages
  • Securely anchoring all the flexible chords
  • Checking for the chords so as to relive them from tangling, and take actions if they are exposed which could cause tripping
  • Checking on with the Powerboards which are the indicators “maximum load” and it should be legible and visible
  • Checking for the exposed inner chords and external sheath and treating them if these are damaged or cut abraded
  • Checking on the plugs, socket-outlets and defected accessories

Bar Coded process for the system of electrical tracking:

Testing and tagging for the electrical appliances are done using the identifiable barcode in order to continue the identification.

The result of the tests, locations, and the data are collected and integrated into the database that is centrally administered so that the management team is able to represent the data both electronically as well as in printed copy. Legal responsibility and ownership of the collected data are all the belongings of the clients.


Certificates of Asset Register:

List of essential information would consist of the Adl Building Service’s testing and tagging certificates pertaining to the asset register:

  • Serial number and the description
  • Identification of the appliance barcode
  • Test date of inspection
  • Next test date for inspection
  • Location as well as the relevant details of the specific vehicle and the details of the driver too
  • Results achieved from the Inspection and also from that of the test
  • Proper repairs are done
  • Comments are given