Building Services traning

Performance is definitely an important task towards the achievement of success, nevertheless for performance, training the workers is more vital. We believe in nourishing the knowledge and skills of the workers by providing them with detailed training. Training is not for a limited number of days, it continues with upgradations in technology.

Before the workers are directly sent to the site to perform, they are given classroom training with the help of the training modules and practical methods. Explanations are done first and then the trainer caters to the doubts and clears them. Next, the freshers are sent to the site along with the experienced ones to observe and make a detailed note on the functions. The process might go on for a week or so until they have grabbed the basics of the tasks. After the allocated time period, they are examined of their lessons at the job site and then given certificates. We also take care to check their background along with their learning and skills. Despite providing thorough training, the workers are never let to work alone, senior members are always there to accompany.