Smart Lighting Control

The buildings and the home lighting fixtures getting over illuminated brings about evident explosion energy expenses. The over-consumption of the energy has created a do or die challenge for the majority of the enterprises being connected each and every object connected into a limitless Internet of Things. Following this very challenging suite, the cities are too making suitable attempts towards the creation of an environment where the residents shall feel highly invited, pleasing and above all secured and safe.

Adl Building Solutions have come forward offering the cost-effective and high-quality performance of the Smart Lighting Control solutions, whereby the solutions are providing a cost-efficient energy output. The complete Smart Lighting Control Solutions are ultimately contributing towards the improvement of lighting infrastructure and decreasing the total cost incurred in ownership over the time period.

The digital ceiling applications installed inside the smart buildings receive the solutions whereby the Ethernet infrastructure is promoted supporting the power in and data for the luminaries which are IP–based. We have our experienced experts to carry our successful easy installation of the Smart Light Control incorporated with centralized management. The privilege of the system lies in the guarantee that the solutions are simplified set up and its maintenance is absolutely free from any impediments.

Adl Services’ specially defined and designed solutions pertaining to Power of Ethernet directed towards the LED lighting welcome sheer improvement of standby power belonging to a typical application.

It is highly critical for the standby power getting reduced with a higher number of ports fitted in an application. The solutions resulting from Adl Building Services’ sorts out the matter by reducing the parameter milliwatt consumed in order to assure the ports are alive. Deployment and management are simplified over a sturdy unified infrastructure by means of using the Power of Ethernet with vigorous ability in delivering data and power over one single cable in smart lighting applications.

Welcome on board to our Smart Lighting Control solutions where the opportunity shines for brilliant and charming, intelligent and great cost–effective lighting decisions:

With smart lighting schemes and means, opportunities to smart illumination are immensely created for the cities, utilities and the public. One of its major contributions is that it promoted economic development. Besides, the solutions are providing a cost-effective and environment-friendly means to ensure that the homely atmosphere inside and outside is safe and secured.

The Ultimate Solutions:

The brilliant safe and quick solutions of the Smart Wired Control based on the design and frame of Adl Building Services incorporate to make use of the lighting software, lighting control module and our communication network for the illuminators to receive smart and greater automation and control of the lights. With our Smart Lighting Control solutions, the users’ access to the advantages of energy conservation, asset management, maintenance costs reduction, and public safety promotion. On the basis of the fact that the lighting is remotely managed from the operation center as well as from the mobile applications, the users are able to encounter greater control over the daily operations wherever and whenever needed.

Smart Lighting Control travels beyond the diversity of LED:

Smart lighting is not just restricted to a fixture; we have our scientifically devised smart lighting control system to identify the light where in it gets installed and thereby makes the necessary adjustments. The smart lighting control gets itself adjusted for accommodating to the capabilities to the various light and dark schedules like dimming, sunrise, and sunset. Its users even get access to the location awareness as well as real-time alarming; hence they are updated with the status of the lighting assets they are using.

Suitable to both the LED as well as the areas fitted with legacy lights helps in added control coupled with a reduction in maintenance costs for controlling the lighting. There is no need to transform the network into the LED technology.

Featuring Solutions –

  • Dispatch is done with the utmost intelligence
  • The lights are suited with real-time monitoring as well as alarming
  • GIS mapping
  • Lights analytics and its reporting
  • Control of the dimmed energy savings
  • Characterized by self–discovery feature
  • Graphical view of the entire network
  • Location awareness through GPS onboard
  • Disconnection of slow or no pay
  • No presence of photocells – sunrise and sunset are controlled via systematic management and savings
  • Control of chase light safety with that of event flashing
  • Safety control and alerts with regards to grouping as well as flashing
  • Light functions have intuitive programming along with scheduling
  • Ability to monitor and control the individual light status: drilling down to filter to individual light
  • Fixture support of legacy and LED
  • No need to use handheld devices for auto installation, although it is optional

Conveniences of the Smart Lighting Control received by its users:

  • Public and individual safety is surely enhanced
  • Conservation of energy along with money
  • Deployment with perfect flexibility and ease
  • Customer service is well enhanced
  • Energy and maintenance costs are noticeably reduced
  • Local economic development is strategically aided by means of the smart lighting control