Timber Floor Repairs and Renovations

The environment becomes healthy with the installation of the durable timber floors, but with the passage of time, the floors start to wear out and naturally demand perfect renovation and restoration. Timber flooring by its nature is a natural product in the form of a living material. Strong sunlight, temperature, and humidity adversely affect the timber flooring. Uncontrolled high moisture level significantly damages the wood, and even when the temperature exceeds the 18–24 degrees at which it was laid, then the wood is overheated and turns dry.

Most often the pets even play a role towards the damage of the floors, as well as moving heavy furniture or heavy and sharp objects getting dropped on the floors which cause the floors to receive cracks and the subsequent need to repair them.

Whatever be the damage done to the timber floor, whether manually or due to natural factors, Adl timber flooring experts are here to get it repaired. 15 years of experience and still counting, the company has seen good days with happy and satisfied clients by solving out the issues related to dents, scratches, nicks, discoloration, worn out varnish and uneven surfaces.

The servicemen of Adl Building Service take exact steps to repair and renovate the damaged timber floors:

Trained staffs handle the timber floor repair and restoration with utmost diligence and care for elevating the present condition, so the floor could turn to better. Following certain specified steps, they do the needful –

  • Sealing and Varnishing for Polishing:

The customized polishing service of timber flooring as provided by the servicemen of Adl Building Service renders a refreshing look to the wooden floor, so as to extend the life of timber flooring by more years. As a result, the floor regains the bright and lively look and appears new.

  • Filling the Gap:

Some complexes face a lot of problems with holes, cracks, and nicks caused by the long-term expansion and contraction of the timber floors. Other than looking unattractive, the gaps occurring in the timber flooring entraps the dirt and dust in between the boards enabling their faster damage. It is where the timber floor repairs and renovation service of our company come forward with the best technology and tools to remove the unwanted gaps.

  • Refinishing the Timber Floors:

Sanding off the old finish from the floor, the techniques of refinishing are applied. The next step is to fill the gouges and nicks and cleaning the area from the effects of dust, once the sanding is done. Coating the floors with the finish, the awe-inspiring look of the floors return.

  • Applying Hand Scrapped Flooring:

Hand-scraped timber flooring is an excellent option since it protects the floor against moisture since these floors are covered with highly effective rich finish. This is a technique which provides the floor with an age-old look – a floor which is wearing out. The difference lies in the appearance and function. The function of such floor is directed towards protecting the floor whereas the look is just like that of a wearing down floor. Special tools are used to create the indentations and patches for intimating the aged appearance.

  • Smoothing Process:

The rough floors with deep scratches and dents might not be completely refinished, but for receiving the best results, the smoothing technique is applied. The smoothing service of Adl Building Service is much faster and cost-effective, with which the fresh and new appearance of the timber flooring can be easily restored.

  • Replacement of the Plank or Floor:

We provide our recommendable service to replace the entire section of the wooden floor, replace an uneven or missing plank and also in replacing the creaking floorboard. The servicemen are familiar with the task, and they skillfully use the professional implement and expertise to furnish the clients with the best service.