Telephone and Data Lines

Problems related to the telephone cabling and data lines are diagnosed and fixed with the aid of the exact tools and adroit experience gathered by the swift electricians. The substantial service of fault detection of Adl Building Service is highly comprehensive in order to find out and diagnose the recurring faults which rampantly cause the ringing of the phone to stop, poor quality connection and dropping in and out of the internet connection.

Gaining non–volatile experience top deal with all kinds of data cabling and telephone, they are even having the experience to deal with optical cabling. As a result, they have are now skilled to look for the faults and repair them with urgency using the high-speed data networks.


Installation of Phone Line:

Different clients have different requirements. Some could need an additional telephone outlet while some might have requirements for installing a new phone line. Our electricians are here to attend the professional installation of the phone cabling and outlets at the convenient time.

The telephone installation and testing will be done according to the laid down rules and regulations. Using the perfect testing toolkits, they shall check on the connection quality to assure the voices heard and spoken are always crystal clear.

Installation and Repairing the Internet and Data Cable:

Our data cable electricians are specialists in the fields of wiring, connection, and cables. They successfully handle wireless internet technology for the clients to get fast and reliable data connections.  In addition to it, the technicians are able to repair the faulty, broken, and frayed data cables to ensue internet connection optimization for supplying the user with excellent speed.