Strip and Seal a Floor

Floors get an attractive look with a complete strip and seal at suitable time periods so that the floors get a good clean. Adl Building Services sends out the experts to handle the job professionally, ensuring best quality output. Along with mopping the floor, stripping and sealing are equally essential for the floor to have its good health.

We have good and appropriate solutions for the problems related to cleaning the floor. Using none other than the environment-friendly and authorized products, our service men gives the guarantee that these products offer a highly resilient finish in comparison to the stationary products.

Specializing in stripping and sealing the floor tiles, our service men shall reach right on time at your doorsteps ringing the doorbell to provide you with their best service and satisfy you in return. We have trained them to strip and seal both ceramic and vinyl floors, and they handle the task with great efficiency.

Treating the Vinyl Floor:

For vinyl tiles, our specialists remove the old vinyl, and to instill a new spark in them they strip those back with a good polish that they look as appealing as having new tiles. The vinyl tiles are resilient and tough, thus they need to be refreshed with time, which is not possible for untrained hands of the inmates to fulfill. Adl servicemen with years of experience and wisdom take it up and come forward to offer the services and providing the clients with an amazing output whereby the vinyl tiles change their look from gloom to bright.

 Treating the Ceramic Floors:

Though the ceramic floors have tough and resilient tiles which are easy to clean, but for proper care, the ceramic floors have to be stripped and sealed at definite times. Until the tiles emit the spark, our men keep on polishing them till the actual result comes up.