Lighting Design, Installation, and Maintenance

Adl Building Services have employed skilled and experienced electrical lighting technicians who fruitfully assist the needs of light maintenance, lighting repair services and lighting installation for the clients.

Whatever be the need, whether it is the client requiring LED lighting for the property or the power has to be recovered, the best name in this regard is Adl Building services. Our electrical contractors would devise on a solution by providing an excellent lighting design. Each and every task is done with a sense of urgency and professionally.

The noteworthy lighting services as provided by the Adl Building Services lighting contractors:

Having full knowledge of the market demand of the lighting, our technicians service their best since they are confident enough to handle the service. Being well informed, trained and possessing a great deal knowledge on the current trends, our team provides perfect service despite the business size. We are always here to help you to replace the broken light fitting, providing with any kind of professional advice on the lighting layout which would well suit a new or a renovated property. In addition to it, the other notable services under the lighting department are:

  • Installation of LED light
  • Fixing and installing ceiling fans and lighting
  • Lighting audits
  • Providing smart home solutions whereby the inmates would control the lights using their smartphones
  • Lighting design and installation
  • Lighting repair and maintenance
  • Switch systems traditionally styled but with modern fittings

Installation of Lighting:

After a long time period, you can definitely seek to for replacement of the outdated lighting. Once we are pursued, we shall definitely reach out to the spot on time and get your requirement met. There is another super feature of our service – we are providing you with the best offer to save your money on paying the power bill. Specializing in installing the LED light, we guarantee that the workforce would be installing the energy–efficient lights with accuracy and help you to maintain them properly. With our help, you can have the lighting installed for all the living spaces both in interior and exterior; it is an assurance that the spaces will be well lit.

Repairing and maintaining the lighting:

With the issues like having a broken light, inefficient light functions can be easily solved with a phone call to inform us. Arriving on time with the best-trained team members, we shall repair the faults without any difficulties. At the same time, the team is going to implement on the norms for the lighting maintenance and provide with the audit services. In simple words, the servicemen would ascertain that the property is effectively illuminated effectively. The solutions and services offered are inlined with the needs and budget of the client.