Smoke Detectors

Installing the smoke detector:

It is highly risky to be a part of a property devoid of a number of smoke detectors which should alert the occupants of the possibility of a fire breakout. A smoke detector can become totally useless when they are not tested regularly, or dead batteries are continued for long, and get congested with dead batteries. As a result, the smoke detectors become totally useless.

But with the existence of the Adl Building Services, the owners get the specialized hard wire smoke detector installation, together with emergency lighting. Therefore once you have taken the perfect decision regarding safeguarding the property from the impending dangers and huge possibilities of an unidentified fire, then do not hesitate to get into touch with us. We are here to assist you for twenty-four hours a week. Once you have got an adept electrician to do the needful by reaching out to your provided destination and installing the smoke detector. On requirement, our learned and trained electricians would also replace the old and non-operating smoke detectors at a reliable charge.

The market offers the customers with smoke detectors of two types, and we have our electricians choosing the best one for you and installing these at the correct location so that there are no false alarm sounds emitted. Uniquely, we install the smoke detectors fitted with a lithium battery as these are best since these last long for over 6 years. But after every 6 months, the servicemen are given the charge to check and test the smoke detectors and assure the perfect working of the devices.

Summon the Adl Building Services for exact installation and maintenance of the smoke detectors:

Keep our contact number 1300 562 786 saved to give us a phone call at any time of the day whenever you need our help. One phone call will prove you how beneficial it is. The management would be sending you highly experienced qualified and genial electricians to cater to all your commercial or residential electrical services which include the installing and maintaining the smoke detectors. When you contact us, our customer service department offers clients with no obligatory free quotes. Later, the clients are furnished with reliable service as well as proper value for money.

  • Preserving the detailed records regarding the property is compliant with the current legislation in relation to the smoke detectors. According to the Australian Building Code, the preservation includes the positioning of the smoke detectors. It is a must that these have to be in compliance with the Australian Standard AS 3786–1993.
  • Battery replacement is done by our servicemen
  • Our men services to keep the detector clean
  • Testing the decibel forms our professional service
  • Testing the smoke is done for ensuring the detector functions and operates smoothly
  • Also the expired and faulty smoke detectors are replaced
  • They stick a service sticker on smoke detectors so that the inmates do have to face the hassles of climbing high to find out the last service date. They can easily do it by looking at the sticker and identifying the date.
  • After the smoke detector service is completed, the information card is left under the charge of the owner
  • In addition to it, they shall be taking the signature of the owner just as the smoke detector service is completed
  • For keeping the track, need for documentation and future reference, they shall be taking the snaps of each and every smoke detector indicating its location as well as the expiry date.