Door Lock Automation

Use of Door Lock Automation:

Software, digital and scientific technologies have brought about a transformation even in the door locks – the traditional lock and keys have been now replaced by the automated smart lock, commonly termed as Door Lock Automation. The change is that smart locks are operated without any keys and locks, but with the integrated wireless technology. ADL locksmiths follow the rules and install such innovative integrated wireless door lock automation, and there is no question of strong metal made locks and keys. So opening and closing the doors is facilitated with the communication of the Smartphone devices such as Tablet, iPhone, iPad, PC, and Android Phone. The adept servicemen carter to help the occupants to install the associated appellate in their device and then get it paired with the accepted codes to activate the home automated door lock.

The Home Automation Door Lock Device installed by the ADL Building Service enhances security to ascertain –

  • User Identification
  • Keyless Access

Automated door locks stand out as the best option to bring about an improvement in the residential and commercial security system. The function is fulfilled by allowing the users to access, proceed and monitor and protect the property but without having to use any keys.

Once, the Door Lock Automation has been assigned by the engineering and locksmith department of the Adl Building Services, the property is assured of its immediate merits –

  • Increased Security: Added security is a major undeniable advantage given by the automated lock doors. Only the authorized people are allowed exclusive access to the automated smart door locks. It is difficult to tamper with the automated digitally supported locks as the system issues an audible alarm just as it detects any suspicious tamper. The research and statistics state that the buglers would never dare attempt on forced entry on discovering the front door being smart locked.
  • Intensified Connectivity: Integrating numerous smart door locks with the home automation is possible with regards to Door Lock Automation. The very first taken step is installing a smart door for securing the home to signify it as a smart home. Getting the smart door lock integrated into the security system and also by effectuating it by programming the smart lock with the installed video surveillance camera is an effective step to monitor the home from anywhere anytime.
  • Superior Durability: As opposed to the traditional metal locks, keys are not used to open and close the locks by inserting and revolving the keys from time to time and hence absenteeism of friction. The method to be followed is extremely simple. On the fingerprint reader, the user just has to press his/her finger or enter the password which states that they self-operate the system and unlock the smart door. The greatest advantage is that there is no need to touch the lock when the entire system is under the control of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
  • Enhanced Convenience: An automated smart door lock benefits with most wanted convenience. The keyless entrance and exit as the automatic system has been enabled with a password or biometric reader. These are the advanced locks controlled through the remotes via a Smartphone appellate.