Motorized Curtains

Adl Building Services uses its developed and advanced scientific technologies to motorize the curtains involving the electric curtain track. The Motorised Curtains are available in the form of a side or a central opening and these discreetly blends it into the customer’s design. With the introduction of Motorised curtains, it is highly recommendable to create personal ambiance supported by dĂ©cor so as to switch over to a connected privileged home. Operating at the pre-programmed times by simple opening and closing throughout the day is bliss to the home. Likewise, the home is at a prerogative to naturally experience the loss of heat and gain in solar owing to the smart and motorized curtain shades which help in controlling the solar gain and also the heat loss. The smart home technology is a great advantage for the curtains and blinds since the curtains and blinds are operated through smart technology and are preset for opening and closing according to the temperature and sunlight. In this process, the energy efficiency of the HVAC system function is maximized.

Serviced by the Adl Building Services, the Motorized Curtains have an edge over the non–electric curtains:

Once you have taken a decision to transform your curtains to Motorised Curtains, then it is a smart decision on your end. Executing the task lies within the threshold of Adl Building Service. The notable advantages to reach out to your home to your home once the smart Motorized Curtains are installed are:

  • Energy Savings:

Motorized curtains form super solution for lowering the amount of energy used by the HVAC system by connecting the curtains to the inbuilt technology. The curtains function by reacting independently to the thermal readings received from the sunlight and temperature sensors which are even bound in connection to the smart hub. As a result, the motorized curtains would consequently close at the time when the temperature is at its peak for reducing the HVAC usage. Besides, the motor curtains shall know whether these should open during winter when the sunny day flare, for the sun to warm the room with its natural rays.

  • Convenience:

Touching the Smart device button does the job. The opening and closing of the motorized curtains are operated by a simple touch on the menus and options on its connected Smart device. Basically, an app is installed to connect the electric curtains to the information receiving signaled locations. The window coverings and tested and proven means specifically devised for signifying a reduction in solar gain and ensure the prevention of heat loss.

  • Smart Home Integration:

A trove of data lies ahead with the smart thermostats to determine the aftereffects of the Motorized curtains – whether energy will be reduced with opening and closing the electrical motorized curtains. These include the time of day, the outraging persisting weather outside, and the home temperature. Making use of all the data points and analyzing them correctly, the thermostat is able to sense the change in temperature in a room and accordingly open and close the shades.

  • Smart Lighting:

You are at high convenience to drop down the electricity usage with the aid of the implemented pairing of Motorized curtain with smart lighting which is helpful in the maximization of the amount of daylight entering the room. For instance, the when the curtains are closed, the smart lighting is initiated to turn on and it is just the opposite when the curtains are opened and the smart lighting is directed to get turned off.

  • Safety:

The house with more number of children would have its major advantage with the installation of the motorized curtains where there are limited chords. In addition to it, the motorized shades in a smart home provide higher safety and security.