Pre – Sales Clean

What do you think your customers would be attracted to when they come to inspect your property for sale? Well, a beautifully decorated property holds no value when the insides and outsides are grey. Before you take steps to set the advertisement for the property, your first task is to ensure the property is thoroughly cleaned.

Raise the demand of your property with the aid of Pre–Sales Cleans of Adl Building Services:

Prior to setting the price value for your property, you need to remember the eminence of the first impression. There is no alternative to the first impression. When too many pursuers are ready to offer a good price and buy the property, then it is not only because of the decorative marble fortifying your building or the accessible electric appliances are pre–available. But along with these factors, they investigate and agree your property is all polished, unblemished and sanitized.

Selling off the property is not an undertaking so easy. A number of legal papers and stamps need to be created along with more other formalities. In this packed up schedule, leave a part to us. Let us take up to clean and preserve the freshness of your valuable property that is going to fetch you a handsome bank balance. In this process, the property to retain a higher appealing power to the prospective bidders. For accelerating your property’s sale, investing some hundred dollars in the cleaning service would reap in earning more thousands.

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A notable difference remarking the property presentation noteworthy:

As we take up the project, we cater to all the essential service to renew your property –

  • Internal and external areas are thoroughly dusted
  • The cobwebs are shown the door
  • Furniture are deeply wiped and restored with luster
  • Windows and window sills are perfectly cleaned
  • The entire kitchen areas are cleaned and made tidy
  • Oven, stove, range hood are purely cleaned
  • Washrooms are well treated and sanitized
  • Floors are mopped, vacuumed and sterilized
  • Walls receive excellent spot cleaning and washed thoroughly so that the viewers’ eyes never catch the sight of a single spot
  • Carpets are either pressure cleaned or steam cleaned and dried
  • Floor stains are effectively treated and the floors are bestowed with a refreshed look
  • Garden area is even dusted and made neat and tidy so it appears blooming with flowers and plants
  • The cuisine and eating tile floors are steam cleaned, grouts are treated for the tiles and grout to maintain their original hue and its sparkling look
  • On inspection, the dirt, grease, and mold are removed from both the outdoor and indoor areas with the aid of high-pressure cleaning