Solar Panel Cleaning

Once the solar panels start to go out of service, the same energy ceases to flow; then it is the time to get the solar panels cleaned. When the dust begins to settle on solar panels, then not only it takes the view of an old and outdated one but also it fails to produce the same energy amount as it did earlier. 5 grams dust settling on per square meter reduces solar power connection by and up till 35%. Not a cosmetic job, but cleaning is necessary for the operation of the solar panels at its top-rated capacity.

The properties situated close to the seas, have their solar panels exposed to the accumulating salt crystals very fast. Furthermore, the pollen, bird droppings, and tree sap severely reduce the solar panel generation capacity. At the same time, pollutants too cause the solar panel’s energy production capacity to drop down thereby posing a serious threat to its verified performance.

Preventing the solar panels from such destruction, the professionals of Solar Panel Cleaning as developed and strengthened by Adl Building Services comes forward with innovative solutions.

Solar Panels should be cleaned on a timely basis:

Getting the solar panels cleaned on time saves a good deal of money. When the properties are situated beside the coastal areas and excessive dust prone environment, then regular cleaning is a must. Or else when the premise is far away from these setups, then three to six months cleaning is enough to keep it functioning properly.

Genial handing to get the solar panels cleaned:

First, we take to remove the soils and then move on to clean the panel frames. The cleaning and clearing task is done within an affordable price range. We take care that there are no remains of dust remaining back on the frames.

Our chief tools are complete environment-friendly non-caustic cleaning solvents and products as well as 100% pure and filtered water, which we use for eliminating every viewable molds and bacteria. In the end, one would be surprised to find no residue left behind. Such is our cleaning technique. The guarantee belies the fact of our personnel being fully insured and carrying the industrially approved and graded safety equipment. Trained and experienced, the cleaning technicians are extremely careful while they clean every side of the solar panel.

The renowned Solar Panel Cleaning service provided by Adl Building Service:

Investing in the latest cleaning technology, we have got the tools and equipment imported. These technological tools are specifically designed only to serve the purpose of solar cleaning. Accurately meant to clean the solar and the photovoltaic panels, plastic and glass coating, normal and anodized aluminum frames, the cleaning fluid removes every spec of menace from these zones. Both our cleaning equipment and fluid are designated for removing the bird droppings, soot, dust, and pollen. These are much strong to act and react against any sort of water hardness and liberate the solar panel from the adverse effects.

At the time of service, the cleaners take care of our norms to fulfill the terms and conditions–

  • They assess the panels to identify the defects and treat those accordingly
  • With the help of the cleaning agents, they delve deep to set the appliance free from germs
  • Before, during and on completion, the cleaners record the system’s kw output which is needed for future comparison.