Tile and Grout Cleaning

It could be the base, but it is the foundation of gravitational pull. The floor is supposed to support the entire building. The floor being weak is the clear indication of the foundation toppling down. You make the major investment on the floors, therefore you cannot afford to neglect the tiles and grout. Bright and clean tiles and grout reveals the space is both highly welcoming and pleasingly presentable. When you have spent a great deal to beautify the floors selecting on the best quality and adorably designed tiles, then why neglect them to cause them wearing out? Spending a few dollars is enough to save the tiles and grout from damage, even the polished unblemished floors prevent the walkers from sudden accidents. Therefore you have the economic and best quality services of Tile and Grout Cleaning from Adl Building Services for the floors to retain their optimal shine. Aesthetics form the basis of maintenance but it is not the all in all since the prime concern is the management of the hygienic issues.

Germs growth hindered due to vibrant, advanced and innovative tile cleaning procedure:

Keeping up with the demands, standard and policies of the industry, Adl Building Services have incorporated the system of high-pressure rinse along with the professional tile cleaning agents those are industry–graded. With these tools and procedures, our cleaners play their role to bring back luster to the floors.

First, the tile and grout cleaning squad undergo detailed training and on being guaranteed of their excellence to yield the greatest results, our cleaning technicians are sent to the site. Arriving on correct time, the cleaners never fail to follow the approved procedures of the company they have learned during their training period –

  • On determining the exact area measurement with utmost precision, the team confirms the preliminary estimate.
  • For checking out on the loose tiles and grout, they perform a quick inspection.
  • On necessity, they explain the tile sealing service that we are offering
  • In case they spot certain furniture remain on the spot, they take the responsibility to remove from the workspace and deposit them at a safe place in consultation with the owner.
  • After the preliminary formalities are done, they apply the industry approved and graded professional detergent.
  • The process of agitation is carried out since it is one of the important parts of the entire process.
  • The stained patches and the grout line receive a diligent attention at the time of agitation process.
  • Using the high-pressure tile cleaning equipment, as well as other essential tools like the tile cleaning wands, they rinse the floor to an awesome finish. Each tool is highly effective to treat the deceased tiles and grout of the washrooms and cuisines.

Extend the floor durability with the help of our specialized tile sealing services:

Removing the old sealers and coatings, the adroit technicians reseal the tiles and grout professionally. The new sealers work out as a strong pollutant repellant. It is up to the specialist to recommend the sealers which would both suit and be best for the floors. Their advice is high yielding as listening to their words enable you of your hard floor maintenance in optimal condition.