Window Cleaning Services Melbourne

Windows Cleaning Melbourne

Now you would no longer get tired of the hazy and gloomy look of the city because of the grey windows! Only a few hours of cleaning and the windows are turned into pure white and bright.  Thanks to the Adl Building Services for providing professional Windows Cleaning Services Melbourne, a much-needed service to keep the windows clean, neat and tidy. To avail of our affordable and reliable services contact Adl Building Services at 0416502125.

The reasons to choose our Window Cleaning Services in Melbourne:

  • Competitive cleaning team:

    The Window Cleaning Program under Adl Building Services in Melbourne is the exact choiceable service to choose from among the list of competitive services. We maintain a team of qualified and advanced cleaners who are highly dedicated to their daily tasks. No doubt that we take pride in the best and reliable window cleaning we are providing, and at the same time, we take immense care about producing the desired results.

  • Uninterrupted Window Cleaning:

    We take immense care to clean both the insides and outsides of your windows, using the water–fed poles as well as the conventional window washing with the help of the extension poles. Giving away to restrictions, we have kept our service open to both the commercial and residential properties so that maximum residents could benefit from our services. Besides, we have also gained ample fame for providing Melbourne citizens with furthermore sanitization services like Carpet Cleaning and high-pressure cleaning services.

  • Insured Services at Wallet-Friendly Price:

    Moreover, the professional service team is most appreciably efficient and friendly to solve all your window cleaning needs and provide you with a high-quality finish. Every task is fulfilled at a market competitive price. In fact, before employing our cleaning crew in our team after getting them police checked. They are even fully insured since they have successfully qualified the Occupational Health and Safety procedures. Every step is checked and rechecked so that the functionality is just as expected – our workers work hard to get the windows uncontaminated without any disruptions to the property owner.

  • Authorized cleaning products used:

    Moreover, none other than the eco–friendly products and pure water are solely used in the process of cleaning the windows in Melbourne. All the perfect products bring out the shining feature in the various kinds of glass belonging to the commercial and residential enterprises. At Adl Building Services, the employed cleaners perform the window cleaning task on a much wider scale. The height of the building does not matter, because we are ready with our safety kit and trade equipment. Abiding by the innovative water fed pole system, our cleaners assist in cleaning up each level of the building windows.

In addition to it, our vehement strategies to window cleaning involve:

  1. Expertise windows and glass doors washing both insides as well as outsides
  2. Polished clean for the PVC frames and sills
  3. Careful removal of cobwebs
  4. Washing the fly screens

Noteworthy Steps to Window Cleaning:

  • First is cleaning the window frame:

    A multi-purpose cleaner does the task of loosening the dirt from the hardware, sill and frame. After spraying, a microfiber cloth is used to remove the dirt. The multipurpose cleaner should be one part of water mixed with some vinegar.

  • Next is spraying the cleaners onto the window glass:

    First, the cleaner is sprayed on the interior pane of the window from totally top to bottom.

  • Wiping the glass clean:

    Using the microfiber cloth, the window panes are cleaned first from left to right and then from top to bottom.

  • The same method on the outer pane:

    Applying the same cleaner on the outer part of the window panes, and using the microfiber cloth, the outer side of the glass is cleaned.

Chief traits of our windows cleaning services throughout Melbourne:

Along with our non-compromising cleanliness in Window cleaning for the individuals, we have even successfully included it under End of Lease Cleaning and Commercial Cleaning programs. Satisfying three distinct characteristic features, we have ultimately satisfied all of our clients.

A Crystal clear Quoting Method:

  • Fair and fine: The pricing is based on the number of windows and their subsequent sizes. Thus the rates are dependent on the sliding scale of the window size and numbers. The prices are calculated accordingly every time the service is booked and for anyone who fills up the Get In Touch
  • Consistency: Since the pricing factor is based on the total count of windows and their sizes, hence the fluctuations in prices are eliminated.
  • Competitive: Neither the location or the suburb of the property nor does the seasonal corporate performance affect the pricing policy. The pricing is as it ought to be. There is no scope for hidden or upsurge pricing.
  • Accountable: Owing to the transparency of the quote, it becomes easier to check its correct calculations.

The State of Art Technology:

    • No Drips: In order to assure that no drips and smears are remaining, the cleaners use the microfiber cloth to keep the windows completely clean.
    • Usage of patented ladders: No possibility of damages could be left behind since ladders are used at the time of cleanings.
    • Purely clean windows: Formulating a scientific solution for window cleaning, our team refrains from using the cheap cleaning solutions like that of Ammonia on the internal windows. The Ammonia is strictly avoided by the cleaners since it stains the carpets and even damages the polished floors.
    • Safe and Secured Squeegees: The plastic tipped squeegees are used so that the window frames do not receive any unwanted scratches.

Experienced and Broadly Trained Cleansing Staffs:

  • Licenses Recognized by the Industries: Each and every cleaning staffs undergo external training like the Occupational Health and Safety courses, and for attending the various seminars on safe works and certifications for working at heights.
  • Security: The new staffs joining on board are applied with meticulous screening processes in order to extract an assurance that the people who are sent to different buildings are well trusted.
  • The Perfect Training: Being the reputed window cleaners, we abide by the all-inclusive the training techniques. The procedures are high yielding since the staffs show their expertise and excel in handling the most delicate window glass.

Types of Window Cleaning Services offered by us in Melbourne:

Commercial Window Cleaning Services:

The cobwebs, dust and paint streaks smeared windows are the obstructions while the neat and clean windows are the impulsions. Fresh air and sunlight are the immediate gifts of bright and nicely maintained windows. Being a rational person you are sure to choose what is right for you. Hence hiring the professional commercial window cleaning services Melbourne brings about a lease of hope to get back the same shining glasses and panes. Our entire windows cleaning program saves the commercial properties from being attacked by the germs and dust.

Home Window Cleaning Service:

Additionally, we are even providing the best home window cleaning services Melbourne to relieve the members from undertaking the task themselves. Our avid cleaners would be doing the needful and save your loving home from looking gloomy and unwelcoming. As a result, you can well have time to lean against your window and think of a plot to your story or glance outside to enjoy the scenic beauty of nature

The efficient Windows Cleaning program launched by Adl Building Services include –

  • Polishing to virtuously clean the sills and PVC frames,
  • Specialist washing of the insides and outsides of the window glass panes,
  • Removing the cobwebs carefully and assuring that the remnants do not rest behind,
  • Washing the fly screens and door tracks where we could charge a minimum additional cost, but this extra cost can be overruled at the time of festivities when discounts and packages are offered.

Known to take care of every window, we even care to clean the –

  • Window Seals
  • Standard windows
  • Venetian blinds
  • French doors
  • Bay windows
  • Skylights
  • Flyscreens
  • Solar panels
  • Balcony glass balustrade
  • Pool fencing balustrade

How frequently should the windows be cleaned? 

Regular windows maintenance coupled with the professional window cleaning most definitely extend the lifespan of the windows. Nevertheless, a number of factors play a role to decide the frequency of washing the windows to retain its tidiness.

For instance, the buildings situated at the Melbourne beach ought to be provided with a monthly window cleaning service. As a result, the residues resulting from the stormy weather and the salt–built-ups are removed quickly and on time.

On the other hand, say the shopping malls and offices near the busy Melbourne roads receive the dust from the continuous vehicles, should be disinfected either on a daily basis or once a week so that the dust never collect and settle on the windows.

We are always prepared to guide and help you whenever you are willing to seek our Window Cleaning Services Melbourne. With our promise, your windows would maintain their utmost presentable quality and retain its unique appealing features.

In case, you are interested to communicate with us for detailed information then you are most welcome to communicate with us through our email id at

Our most used cleaning detergents and tools:

For washing the interior windows, we use the professionally approved glass and window cleaning agents which are tested and authorized as ammonia-free. In order to guarantee that the windows are perfectly cleaned, our cleaning professionals use squeegees, paper towel, and scratchless window scrapers. With these elements used in the process, the windows are safely cleaned. But before the cleaners set their foot upon their project, they use mats, sheets and wraps to cover and protect the furniture and floor area near the windows.

Our experienced professional men are equipped with the tricky secrets to clean the hard areas of the windows like the attics, windows, sloping glass, skylights, atrium, stairwells, and atrium.

For cleaning the exterior windows situated at the property’s last story, the trained adept team begins the journey with the water-fed extension pole device that uses safe and purified water. Although the windows are effectively wiped after washing and applying dryer to dry the hard surface, yet after the dryer, we recommend that the windows should be left for natural drying for a few hours so that a vivid streak-free result is an outcome.