Posted On May. 08, 2019

Convenience of prime in property painting services

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Can a property be left under the mercy of nature? It is too shocking even think of. The chief reason for painting the residential and commercial enterprises is to keep the building materials protected from wearing and tearing down. Needless to mention, that the painting keeps the property charming and attractive. Thus to retain the loveliness of the properties, it is essential that the homely and business centers are painted by appointing the professional painters. Not only are the professional painters experts in painting but they also have the right knowledge in choosing correct and suitable colors.

The well known professional Commercial Painting Melbourne is famous all over the city for providing high scale and rich quality painting services which are bound to satisfy the owner. One of the remarkable practices of the painters is applying a primer for assuring double standard safety to the property.

So what do we mean by a Paint Primer?

In simple words, the primer paint is defined as a preliminary coating layer applied on the surfaces and certain materials prior to applying proper paint. The paint primer is applied to ensure the paint is properly adhesive to the surface. It further enhances the painting durability and imparts both the surface and the paint with a double dosage of security. Sealing the pores if any, paint primers are excellent to control the paint so that they do not ooze out while being applied. Before painting the commercial and residential enterprises, the professional painters apply the preparatory coating suitably so that it enhances the life of the property and the paint thereby improving the appearance.

Proper uses of the primer in relation to painting:

The lined surfaces for painting are primed thoroughly prior to painting; the surfaces include the concrete, metal, wood and dry walls. Our professional painters are wise enough to not to apply the paint on the unprimed surfaces. The supporting reason is that the surfaces are then sure to cause develop cracks and peel off sooner. Hence the process of applying preparatory coatings can never be applied although it requires a few more dollars still it is wallet permissive. The advantage is that the paint lasts for an uncountable number of years. Properties ditched of their painting are also applied with undercoat after the properties are well cleaned. Whether the paint to be applied is latex paint or oil paint, the preparation is also done properly that confirms the better primer adhesion. In case of repainting, the professional painters never apply latex paint on the oil painted surfaces since it causes disruption in the preparatory coating adhesion and it loses its power of durability. Painters choose the preparatory coatings carefully chosen which corresponds with the paint color.

The need to use a primer at the time of painting:

The primer acts as undercoats and it is a solution applied on the surface for helping the paints to gain a firm and fine grip on the surface. As discussed, the primers increase wall protection and help the paint with enhanced durability over the time period. The preparatory coating is basically applied to add a smooth layer on the surface for the paint to easily adhere to the surface. It is an appropriate surface for the paint.

Advantages of sealing the paint with undercoat:

The paint remains sealed and smooth when applied on the primer coated surface; the preparatory coating thus prevents the paint from soaking into the surface. Primers are thus labor-saving techniques since the painters need not apply extra coats for keeping the surface brighter. In case, there are any joints or seam present on the new drywall, the primer act as a shield to cover them assists the paint in acquiring a stronger hold on the bare wood. The chief characteristic trait of primer is its stain–blocking properties which seal the mold stains and discolorations, thus these remain hidden after the painting is done. Therefore, when the paint is applied on the metal, masonry, cemented and wood surfaces, it elevates the state of paint since the surfaces create a strong bond with the paint.

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